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Acne and Surgical Scar Revision

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Acne & Surgical Scar Revision in Wellesley, MA:

Whether you have a surgical scar, an acne scar, or a scar left behind from an old injury, its appearance might be bothersome or even embarrassing – especially if the scar is on your face. Fortunately, thanks to medical breakthroughs, it is possible to improve the appearance of all kinds of scars with simple topical treatments, minimally-invasive in-office procedures, and in some cases even surgical revision. No scar can be completely erased, but these treatments can vastly improve their appearance. In some cases, your dermatologist will want to try topical medications, dermal fillers, and in-office procedures – or perhaps even a combination of these – to improve the appearance of your scar before scheduling surgery, but this will depend on the type and severity of your scar, as well as its location on your body.

Acne Scarring Before and After Gallery by Dr. Burnett in Wellesley Massachusetts
Microneedling has been shown to be effective for the treatment of acne scars on the face, particularly when combined with platelet-rich plasma therapy. If you are a candidate for surgical revision, the extent of your surgery will once again be determined by the severity and location of the scar. Often, the goal involves the complete surgical removal of the old scar via a carefully-controlled incision. Once the tissue has been removed, the dermatologist will then close your wound in layers to help minimize any further scarring. The end result is a much smaller scar that is not as noticeable after it has completely healed.

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Your Premier destination for all your skin care needs. Dr. Burnett, a dermatologist in Wellesley, is a sought-after expert in the field of medical, pediatric, and cosmetic dermatology and has practiced in the greater Boston area for more than 15 years. At Premier Dermatology we offer the latest, most innovative, and proven treatments in cosmetic dermatology and skincare. We are committed to supporting all your skincare goals to achieve heatlhy, beautiful, and natural results. Dr. Burnett lives in Weston, MA with her husband and two teenage daughters. Dr. Burnett also enjoys traveling with her family.

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Dr. Burnett has opened her own office at Premier Dermatology. My whole family sees her for issues ranging from childhood eczema to cold sores and of course yearly skin checks. She also has state of the art technology and is able to perform the latest in cosmetic dermatology. Everyone in her office is welcoming and professional.

- M.B.

I have been going to Dr. Lunder for 15 years+. She is a wonderful dermatologist. She watches for precancerous spots and takes great care of my skin. She is always willing to discuss cosmetic treatments but never pushes anything. Her assistant Sue is also knowledgeable and comforting. Her office Premier Dermatology has a very welcome staff. I highly recommend Dr. Lunder and this office.

- M.S.

Professional staff , great people. My nurse practitioner Kristen was absolutely a rockstar and found some things on me I never thought anything about. Thank you all at premier dermatology.

- C.S.

Your Acne and Surgical Scar Revision will be performed by the Premier Dermatology team in Wellesley.